Membership Benefits

There are many ways Membership in NYSCA and ACA can help to keep your business thriving and give your organization the support it needs. Members have open access to many resources, knowledge bases and educational materials, as well as the ability to purchase products and services at rates significantly less than those charged to the public. A number of items are Member exclusives, not available to the public.

If you are not yet a member, there is still plenty of information on the ACA site to review. Visit the site now to see WHY the NYSCA and ACA are indispensable resources, vital to your Agency's success!!!

If you are already a Member and have not yet done so, or it's been a while, please login to the password-protected site and take a look at "what's new," and revisit all of YOUR benefits…and feel free to utilize them to their fullest! Don't forget that here, you will also find compliance and legislative information and updates, as well as tools designed to maximize your success in operating your best collection business.


When you join the
New York State Collectors Association, you also become a member of
ACA International -
The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals

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As an alternative to using the Internet, ACA offers Fastfax, a quick way of getting valuable information about FDCPA compliance, state laws, FCRA, HIPAA and much more — delivered immediately to your fax machine.

Contact Us
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ACA provides members with 500 volunteers and 65 full–time employees searching, reading, gate keeping, solving, debating, analyzing, projecting, publishing, sharing — and helping you succeed. To hear a helpful, human voice, call ACA’s main number: +1(952) 926–6547. For self–service ease, dial +1(952) 928–8000 and enter an extension or listen to our staff directory.

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Collector Magazine
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With the latest articles on industry operations and trends, regulations and legislation, there’s no better way to tap into what’s happening. Plus, it keeps you current on the latest money–saving products, services and initiatives from the association.

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ACA Membership Directory
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This directory of member collection agencies, creditors, attorneys and vendors is a great resource and marketing tool. A listing is included with your membership.

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Business Resources:

Insurance Programs
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We offer members an excellent portfolio of commercial insurance including General Liability; Property; Errors and Omissions; Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Crime. As program participants, our members benefit through availability of applicable and affordable insurance coverage.

Bond Programs
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As bond requirements get broader due to state statutes or client requests, ACA is here with the surety bonds needed to meet those demands. We offer statutory bonds; blanket client bonds and client contract bonds. We manage the complexity with a highly–trained staff, deep resources and fast response, often providing members with bonding products not found anywhere else. The cost depends on the bond amount requested.

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We are specialists who can help you keep up with licensing and registration requirements in states where you do business. We handle the paperwork, and as requirements change, we’re here to help sort through the details. We are happy to provide a quote for this fee–based service, which is exclusively for ACA members. Let our capable staff help you with state licenses; certificates of authority; registered agents and resident manager referrals.

Registered Agent Services
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Registered agents can help businesses decrease litigation risk and maintain good standing.

Compliance Assistance
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We offer a wealth of compliance information to help you navigate the ins and outs of the FDCPA, FCRA, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, HIPAA and various state consumer protection statutes. Members have direct access to E–compliance, ACA’s online compliance database, where you can quickly obtain the information you need, when you need it.

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We offer significant discounts on office forms and envelopes, advertising calendars and brochures, popular business–related books, air express delivery, car rentals and more.

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With ever–changing rates, businesses, technologies and plans, coordinating all your telecommunication needs and minimizing costs is tough. That’s why we’ll do it for you at ACA International – everything from broadband access and National Directory Assistance to local and long distance telephone service.


Industry Guides
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ACA publishes compliance and business manuals that many credit and collection professionals consider indispensable. One essential book is the 1,000–page ACA Guide To State Collection Laws and Practices, which covers state licensing requirements, fees, statutes of limitation and right of assignment laws for starters. An electronic version with immediate online updates is available as a member exclusive.

Statistical Surveys
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If you want a clear way to analyze and refine your business, ACA publishes three different statistical surveys. Compare your agency income and expenses against regional and national averages in the Benchmarking/Cost of Operations Survey. Review vital statistics such as recovery rates, new business, gross collections and balance of accounts in the Top Collection Markets Survey. Locate information on salaries, benefits and employee development in the detailed Compensation & Collection Agency Operations Study. Members participating in these surveys receive a free copy.

Training & Education
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With a number of training tracks — whether you’re interested in sales, management or enhancing your staff’s abilities — ACA International provides many educational opportunities to strengthen your skills. In addition to local and in–house seminars, technology–based training is provided via CD–ROM, telephone and the Internet for convenient, effective ways to master topics from your office or home. Agency members enjoy reduced prices on training products and event registrations.

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Continuous Learning
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Campus ACA recognizes your commitment to continued professional growth in the credit and collection industry. Through participation in ACA seminars, conventions, conferences and other educational programs, ACA members earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) that allow them to earn Scholar or Fellow degrees.

Certificate Programs
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You and your staff can further your education and hone skills while being recognized for your performance. The ACA Certificate Program recognizes your education, experience and commitment to excellence – and helps position you and your company for future growth.

Agency Certification
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The Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) helps you to develop, implement and adhere to a set of industry–specific guidelines as you work to achieve agency certification – or just manage your business more effectively.


Community Outreach
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ACA takes civic responsibility seriously. To assist members in their community education efforts, the ACA International Foundation offers educational materials and public relations activities. Easy–to–use speaker kits provide you with everything you need to talk to young adults, the economically disadvantaged or senior citizens about personal finance and wise use of credit. As a member, request up to 20 kits at no cost; purchase more at a nominal fee.

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Calendar of Events
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The premiere event for our industry, the ACA Annual Convention brings together about 1,000 attendees from around the world. It includes educational workshops as well as social events, networking opportunities and an exhibit hall packed with the latest technology and resources. Members may attend at a discount.

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Top Headlines
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We monitor ongoing legislation, privacy proposals, Federal Trade Commission activities and many other topics. We also provide up–to–date reports via our Web site, publications and member alerts.

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Federal Legislative Action
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ACA International works tirelessly on ambitious legislative and regulatory initiatives that will protect or favorably impact the way you do business. Members, staff and ACA’s federal legislative counsel work in active partnership to educate and advise federal lawmakers on behalf of our industry. Washington Agenda, our national legislative conference, calls members to Capitol Hill to discuss issues and meet with their congressional leaders and staffers.

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State Legislative Action
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ACA provides various resources for members and U.S. Units. For important issues, we prepare position papers, model laws, and arguments for and against bills, and talking points that can be tailored to your needs. Members can stay abreast of changing laws and regulations in the states in which they operate through “State Actions,” which is published online and in Collector magazine. The Legislative Action Seminar (which units can request) and many other tools can help to advance favorable legislation or defeat adverse measures.

Getting Connected
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The “Govlist” e–mail group connects ACA members interested in state legislation (including unit legislative chairs and lobbyists) and alerts participants about important issues as they arise.


International Unit
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Agency members in more than 60 countries around the globe make up ACA’s International Unit. Four regional directors provide leadership to this unit, which meets annually. Members communicate and network year–round via an e–mail discussion group.

U.S. Units
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For collection agencies in the United States, membership is a combined package of national and state benefits. Units, which consist of one or more states, are your local source for information, education and legislative advocacy and more. Active unit participation is a great way to build business relationships and establish a personal network of people with whom you can discuss trends, ideas and concerns.

Specialized Programs
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If you’re interested in specific market niches, we offer members programs, newsletters, seminars, conferences, e–mail groups, certificates and other resources in different areas. There is a fee for these programs and only current ACA members may join.

Members' Attorney Program (MAP)
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Collection agencies don’t need attorneys experienced in the industry only if they are sued. Preventive legal services can keep your company out of costly litigation. MAP, a division of ACA, offers varied resources to assist defense, collection and in–house attorneys to better represent your interests – including up–to–the–minute legislative and case law information. In addition, through the State Compliance Chair Program, MAP provides state units and their members with access to an attorney licensed to practice law in their state. To join MAP, attorneys must be sponsored by an ACA member or certify that they do not represent consumers against collection agencies or credit grantors. There is no cost to the agency when the attorney pays his or her own dues. MAP is an individual membership.

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Creditors International (CI)
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To best meet the needs of credit managers, lenders, first–party collectors and others who work on the front end of the credit cycle, ACA offers individual memberships in our Creditors International division. CI is dedicated to providing credit–related resources, information, training and innovative business ideas. ACA agency members may take out a CI membership for a first individual at a discount. Company memberships are also available.

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More than 180 companies providing products and services to the credit and collection industry are affiliate members of ACA International. From collection software to skiptracing services and more, these vendors support the association and are interested in better understanding the industry and your business needs.

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